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[Blog Entry: Sun, April 20, 2014]

Good evening

I will write about
my private time recently (のvの)ノ

A few days ago, I went to MARIS
I dyed my hair brown, and did a little change to my front hair

thank you so much !

And today, I went to the nail salon

Because I want to take a lesson of bass (musical instrument)
I do nothing with my hands lately !

Therefore I had a foot nail~

It is a spring-like design

Then, this is my favorite now !

I bought it when I got a trip to South Korea,
I use it every night before I sleep

It’s so great to clean my make-up

I learned a lot of things, and I try it
I want to be beautiful ♪


MariJuri <3

Mariko’s babys trolling in final K stage <3 She’s proud


140419 Seki jani no shiwake ∞ - 2h SP

part 1 - part 2

I’m proud to post this program (a vocal challenge) where Masuda Yuka participate in. For those who still have not listened to her, Masuda Yuka (2nd gen historical member of AKB) is with no doubt, one of the best voices among the whole Family48.

The last appearance of Oshima Team K 2:50 
(with the new member, Hirata 2:50)


Mocchi’s field day isn’t good for anybody younger than her

and it’s the reason why she becomes B’s captain.. to play around with kids.. XD

The story behind K4th revival by Oshima Team K


Where do you put your hand on, Chiichan? :3

[Blog Entry: Thu, April 17, 2014]

"Saishuu Bell ga Naru" stage of Oshima Team K

It had reached the final day !

The last circle

The last Gomen ne Jewel

The last show of Oshima Team K

Everyday, I was so clingy with Oshima Team K
There were a lot of things happened

Joking and laughing together
Crying together, even argued with each other about their opinions.

Experienced a lot of things together
Learned a lot of things together
I loved everyone from my deepest heart

Then it came… blame Team K for the grand shuffle!

It was the time when we just could say “Why?”

Thinking about everyone who is willing to support us,
It’s uneasy feeling

We’re not good idols

But, fans still care of us,
still support us
And together, the fans had created
the lovely final day of Oshima Team K

We’re so thankful, really

The members of Oshima Team K
The staffs who continued to support us
All Oshima Team K-oshi

dai.. dai.. daisuki

Oshima-captain, who’s going to graduate from AKB48
The former members of Oshima Team K who already graduated
Chika-chan who will be moved to JKT48
The members who will continue to work as AKB48

Kizuna! (Bonds!), it’s the power that we cultivated here,
it will always be there, in my heart, forever

The way to our dreams
through the station, named Oshima Team K
From now, we will continue to the next station

Please cheers for us ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

To be continued.